Discover what’s holding you back from creating real change; Get clear, trust your gut, and stop living a mediocre life.


Where IS the path….


You really don’t know what direction you’re headed in and can’t seem to decide what path to take. You’re feeling pressured to make that ‘perfect’ decision. 

It’s hard for you to understand why you’re not getting calls back from jobs you want, attracting a partner for a healthy and fun relationship, or why you’re in the hamster wheel of bad things that keep happening to you over and over without any relief in sight. 

I bet you’ve tried reading self-help books, gone on retreats, and even tried talk-therapy which hasn’t helped much; It doesn’t matter if the decisions you need to make are about staying in your relationship, switching careers, or something even as simple as parking your car.  You’re in deep pain, feeling disappointed and disillusioned with not getting what you want out of life.

When all the while what you really crave, is to get in touch with that part of yourself that KNOWS what’s best for you. So that you CAN head in the right direction, feeling good about yourself, and manifesting your desires. I felt that way too which is why I began my path into paying deep attention to my intuition.

You’re banging your head against the wall…

I completely get how hard it is not to know if you’re making the right decision for big or little opportunities, or to ask for what you want, or marinating in the ‘what-ifs’ in your head. I’ve been stuck in indecision mode too, and it’s awful; you’re completely immobilized, fearful, and confused. 

Each morning you wake up with the same dreaded routine asking yourself ‘how did I even get here?’ or annoyed at having to take that long commute to work, or constantly debating if you should separate from your partner, hoping today will be a better day.

Maybe, you’ve tried diet programs, or even taken medications to help manage the anxiety, only to feel worse when those changes didn’t happen. You were feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and helpless. And yet deep down you know what you want but just don’t know how to access it.


After going through a rough patch with my family that resulted in me separating myself from them for months, I was left confused, defeated, and stressed. I was lost and couldn’t find my way forward from that grief, so I began a journey deep into my intuition and with what I learned and with the tools I implemented, I taught myself how to access that knowing part of myself so that I could move forward. Instead of stay stuck.  Excited about this turnaround in my life, I created the soul coaching breakthrough and transformation program. Having tools and implementations that could routinely and consistently get me out of my head and into my natural instincts, I could calm down anxious thoughts and get clear on what my next steps could be. Now I’m at the point that can access my intuition whenever I need to, and I can move courageously forward towards my goals, not away from them in fear. I’m no longer comfortable sitting around immobilized, not doing anything because I’m nervous. And the best part is that these tools are available within me forever and I can get to them easily and reliably.

I’m passionate about guiding folks and helping them how to discover and access their own intuition because I know it works AND gives consistent results!  I’m proof of it! I’ve helped others make changes in their lives because they uncovered the mystery of how to access theirs with consistency. I know what it’s like to feel trapped, knowing there’s a solution, but not knowing HOW to find it. I know what it’s like to take the wrong steps, moving backwards, further away from your goals and success. My mission is for well-intentioned folks like you, to be your best vibrant self, reaching your goals courageously, being in action and revealing your personal inner guidance system. You’re not alone in this process, I’ve got your back and will hold your hand the entire time.

There IS an answer…

If you’re like me:

  • You want clear direction, so you know which way to move forward in confidence.
  • You are looking for positive, tangible results, so you can experience and KNOW you’re progressing.
  • You don’t like questioning and self-doubting yourself

Imagine if:

  • You could easily access your inner wisdom to feel clear and calm more often when making big life decisions.
  • You felt a sense of freedom, joy, and security as you stepped into your purpose.
  • You wake up in the morning and your physical, mental, and spiritual health were all in alignment.

Together we can access:

  • Your inner strength and sense of self. You’ll learn how to identify and trust your own personal guidance system and develop it so that you can rely and depend on it consistently.
  • Your personal flow from anxious to confidence. Long gone are the days of dancing with the ‘what-ifs’. It’ll become easier for you to be decisive when you get clear enough to pay attention to those directions for your next steps. This will give you a sense of more control in your life.
  • Your alignment. You’ll learn how to balance your body, mind, and spirit by understanding how the brain works (particles/matter) and how energy (waves/frequencies) influence your behaviors so that you can create and manifest goals.

Your next move…

Once you’ve clicked CONNECT NOW (button above), let’s schedule a time to hop on a complimentary phone call with you, so that I can find out about your specific needs since this is a very personal and tailored program.  

Because it’s so customized, I only work with a few clients at a time so that I can fully show up for you and give you the individual support you need.  Please be as truthful as possible when you fill out your application, so that I can start to get to know you better.

If you’ve made it this far, chances are that this resonates with you. You’ve gotten a glimpse of your transformation. I can show you how to get the change you want in your life, it’s the right time now to invest in your freedom, security, and joy.

Why you should work with me…

Now, you might be wondering what makes this program different from others, or how much time needs to be invested, etc.  When working with me, you get authentic feedback and compassion with and a side of humor.  It’s REAL.  You are unique and therefore your program should be created just for you.  Rest assured, during our free phone conversation, I want to hear what you have to say, I’ll make sure to answer all of your questions.

Photo Shape Editor:

Vanessa Cordero: Terrie Huberman is an amazing, kind individual with a great sense of humor. It has been my experience that she is non-judgmental and always looking for ways to support you in finding your way. I truly believe that working with Terrie is beneficial no matter what situation you are going through. I look forward to my continued personal growth with Terrie’s unconditional support and guidance.

Photo Shape Editor:

Jenny Pashalides: Terrie is the coach I didn’t know I needed but always wanted.  She is a master at delivering information from that sweet spot found between guidance, realness and comfort.  Over the past year I have known Terrie, she has helped me not only recognize and honor my gifts but develop them through tangible exercises in a safe environment. I always know that my comfort, is the driving force behind her desire to coach and the gateway to my success. She creates a platform where I can find and clear my outdated belief systems and point me on a path of empowerment and “aha” moments.  I would climb over a hill or swim across an ocean to find the peace, encouragement, knowledge and raw energy that Terrie brings to my experience.

Photo Shape Editor:

Viktoria Bozoski: I am a textbook introvert, and her warm and fun personality immediately created a safe environment for me and I did quite well with the exercises. I have turned to her many times for advice, specifically on an ongoing situation. She has a way of coaching in a very non-judgmental, but honest way that helped me see a different side of the problem and approach it from there.  I have a terrible habit of overthinking everything and get very heady vs. using my intuition, and she managed to talk me off the ledge on a few occasions.  She helps me really take a moment to zone in and go with what I feel vs. what I think. I have a tendency to start spinning in my mind.  She has a unique way of picking up on the type of personality you have, and how best to approach you, in order to help and not shut you down. I believe working with her is worth every penny.  I have yet to be disappointed in her.


You are a gift to this world…

I’m so grateful for this work; It’s humbling to witness my clients, just like you, becoming the people they always wanted to be, reaching their goals, and finding peace and happiness. It makes me want to do this work more and more.  I know you can find your way out of confusion and indecision and learn to trust yourself moving towards your brightest future.  And as we work together, I can know this FOR you, until YOU can know this for yourself. And you will!

It’s my honor to invite you to work with me so that I can help you discover your own answers and access your personal reliable and dependable guidance system. Even if you’re nervous about this journey, I promise to support you through it, so you don’t feel alone as you uncover the parts of yourself holding you back, creating real change in your life. I’m thrilled to be your guide towards the life you want.

Much love, Terrie.