You’re banging your head against the wall…

I completely get how hard it is not to know if you’re making the right decision for big or little opportunities, or to ask for what you want, or marinating in the ‘what-ifs’ in your head. I’ve been stuck in indecision mode too, and it’s awful; you’re completely immobilized, fearful, and confused. 

Each morning you wake up with the same dreaded routine asking yourself ‘how did I even get here?’ or annoyed at having to take that long commute to work, or constantly debating if you should separate from your partner, hoping today will be a better day.

Maybe, you’ve tried diet programs, or even taken medications to help manage the anxiety, only to feel worse when those changes didn’t happen. You were feeling defeated, overwhelmed, and helpless. And yet deep down you know what you want but just don’t know how to access it.