Viktoria Bozoski

I am a textbook introvert, and her warm and fun personality immediately created a safe environment for me and I did quite well with the exercises. I have turned to her many times for advice, specifically on an ongoing situation. She has a way of coaching in a very non-judgmental, but honest way that helped me see a different side of the problem and approach it from there.  I have a terrible habit of overthinking everything and get very heady vs. using my intuition, and she managed to talk me off the ledge on a few occasions.  She helps me really take a moment to zone in and go with what I feel vs. what I think. I have a tendency to start spinning in my mind.  She has a unique way of picking up on the type of personality you have, and how best to approach you, in order to help and not shut you down. I believe working with her is worth every penny.  I have yet to be disappointed in her.