Where IS the path….


You really don’t know what direction you’re headed in and can’t seem to decide what path to take. You’re feeling pressured to make that ‘perfect’ decision. 

It’s hard for you to understand why you’re not getting calls back from jobs you want, attracting a partner for a healthy and fun relationship, or why you’re in the hamster wheel of bad things that keep happening to you over and over without any relief in sight. 

I bet you’ve tried reading self-help books, gone on retreats, and even tried talk-therapy which hasn’t helped much; It doesn’t matter if the decisions you need to make are about staying in your relationship, switching careers, or something even as simple as parking your car.  You’re in deep pain, feeling disappointed and disillusioned with not getting what you want out of life.

When all the while what you really crave, is to get in touch with that part of yourself that KNOWS what’s best for you. So that you CAN head in the right direction, feeling good about yourself, and manifesting your desires. I felt that way too which is why I began my path into paying deep attention to my intuition.